UPDATE – there are no Air Electric Windmills available any more – there are no parts available for any Air Electric Product – please read my most recent blog post concerning parts


Today is truly a bitter sweet day.  The last M1 Made in the USA Galvanized Garden windmill from Air Electric  has shipped out today.  There will NOT be any more of this excellent product manufactured.  There are replacement parts available so if you have an older 8 foot garden windmill that needs repair I will still be able to get you parts.

I would like to thank Randy Christensen and his crew for consistently producing, packaging and shipping these windmills that have gone out to my customers all over the world over the past several years.   I do not have the exact number of these that I have sold over the past 5 years or so but I can tell you there have been quite a few.

It is difficult for me to deal with knowing I will not be able to offer this product to my customers any longer.

If you get the chance I am sure Randy, his family and his former employees would certainly appreciate a card or a letter thanking them for making these garden windmills here in America.   These can be sent to:

Air Electric Machine Co.
PO Box 215
Lohrville, Iowa


Air Electric is a family owned business located in Lohrville Iowa.  I learned today that the M1 – the familiar 8 foot galvanized steel windmill has been in continuous production since 1971.    There were 653,510 manufactured.  That is truly an impressive number.  What is even more impressive is that a very high percentage of these are still working in numerous yards and gardens all over the world.  Air Electric is one of those American companies that has made a quality product using made in the USA raw materials for many years.  Unfortunately they are yet another American company that has had to stop production due to their product being copied by off shore (mostly China) manufacturers that copied the design and then produced a poorly made copy which has was imported and has flooded the American market.

I have looked at a number of  the imported 8 foot windmills and none are anywhere close in quality to the Air Electric garden windmill.   I have no interest in selling “junk” that will last a very short time and that will fly apart the first time exposed to winds of 30 mph or so.  This means I will no longer have available an 8 foot galvanized steel garden windmill.  I will still have replacement parts available.

I do carry a Made in the USA aluminum windmill line that are available in sizes from 4 feet to 30 feet in height.  There is both a 6 foot and an 8 foot aluminum windmill available.  I have found that these aluminum windmills are an excellent product.  So if you are looking for an 8 foot garden windmill hopefully you will take a look at the aluminum windmills especially now that the very popular 8 foot Made in the USA Galvanized Steel windmill is no longer available.

The thing to know is there may be a few dealers that have a few M1 Windmills from Air Electric still in inventory.  I do not know of any personally.  The main thin to know is before you purchase an 8 foot steel windmill,  take a close look at the box to make certain that it is in fact the USA made M1.  Everything else out there that looks like this garden windmill is one of the off shore made copies.  These range from very poor to barely fair in quality even though they may look like the M1 and these imports are probably not something you want to own.

If you have photos or your M1 Air Electric garden windmill or “stories” about your garden windmill please send me the photos and or “your story”  I will put them up on this blog for everyone to share.

M1 Made in USA 8 Foot Windmill Box

M1 Made in USA 8 Foot Windmill Box


8 ft made in the USA Garden Windmill - discontinued

8 Foot Made in the USA Galvanized Steel Windmill Discontinued

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