This is a very old post – there are NO Air Electric Parts available please read this most recent post



I do have parts available for The Made in the USA 8 foot windmill – click the link to go to the latest newsletter on Repairing a Damaged windmill.   Here is the latest information on replacement parts

Before you phone asking about parts please read the newsletter first.  I do NOT and WILL NOT  stock parts for the cheap Chinese copies of the Made in the USA windmill.  There are ways to upgrade the failed Chinese windmills however you do need to know that the replacement parts will probably cost more than you paid for your windmill.

I have had to increase the cost of the replacement parts and the shipping cost.  Both the cost of the parts have gone up and with the sharp increase in fuel prices the cost of shipping has also gone up.  The new newsletter shows the new parts prices.

You will NOT find a place to order windmill parts on any of my sites.  Your will need to contact me if directly if you are wanting to repair an old or damaged windmill.  Email is always the best way to contact me.

The main thing that MUST be established is if the parts I have will fit your windmill.  There is information in the newsletter that will help you to figure out if the parts I have will work on your windmill.  The main thing to know is you CANNOT replace the wheel or mast head on the Chinese imported windmills with the USA parts I have.  It is really helpful if after you have read the newsletter you email me information about your windmill, where you got it, how long have you had it, and what really helps is if you take some photos of your damaged or failed windmill and enclose them in the email.

So far as some of the other windmills that I used to carry – the 4.5 foot steel windmill has not been in production for over two years and it does not appear that the manufacturer will be making these again in the foreseeable future.  There are some limited parts available for these.

The college windmills – University of Nebraska, University of Iowa and Iowa State University are also no longer being manufactured and like the 4.5 foot windmill it does not look like these will be available again either.  There are some extremely limited replacement parts available for these.

Replacement parts for both the mini windmills and the aluminum windmills are available.

I do not carry replacement parts for the “Farm” windmills at all – these are the John Deere, International Harvester and other “farm tractor” brands that I do carry.  I can refer you to the distributor if you need parts for these.

It has become necessary to enforce my policies on windmill parts.   If you order parts and find that they do not fit or work on your windmill you can return them.  YOU are responsible for the cost of shipping the parts back to me.  They must be in the same box and packed the same way that they were when you received them.  Before you return parts you MUST email me that you are returning a parts order.  You will receive a refund for the cost of the parts only once they have been returned back.  You WILL NOT receive a refund for the cost to ship the part to you and again YOU are responsible for the shipping cost back to me.  If the parts returned are not in the original carton they came in and packed the same way that they were shipped with the original packing there will be a 25% restocking fee.


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